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To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

Published April 7th, 2014 by Admin

Spring is here – and everybody’s suddenly talking about “cleansing.” You may find yourself asking, “What is ‘cleansing,’ anyway? Is it just a trend or a marketing strategy? Or is it something that could benefit me?”

The truth is, there are two types of cleansing: mental and physical. You can do both – and you should.
Physical cleansing may include special diets: vegetable-only, fruit-only, or juicing. The goal is to refresh and rejuvenate your body. Mental cleansing moves beyond the physical – it helps detoxify your mind and soul. But let’s start with the physical.

For beginners, keep it simple. Start with three days of a vegetable-only or juice-only diet, and then take three more days to phase gradually back into your regular diet. If you’ve cleansed before, take it up a notch: Stay on the diet for six days before re-introducing regular foods over three days.
If you’re ready for an advanced challenge, go for ten days of juicing, followed by five days of gradually introducing other foods: first vegetables, then grains and then animal products. And if you want to take it to the next step, have a colonic once a year. You won’t believe how good it feels!
So you’ve finished your physical cleansing. Your body is clean and free of toxins, and you’re ready to make a fresh new start. But what about your mind and your soul?
Believe it or not, cleaning the outside helps us feel clean on the inside. For example, get rid of all the things that you don’t use, even if they still have the tags on. If you can, give them away to people who need them. If you didn’t use it for a year, then chances are, you won’t be using it at all. And if you’ve finished with it and you’re not using it any more, let other people enjoy it.
By giving away your clutter and bringing order to your closet, garage or desk, you’re making space for new things to come – not just materially, but spiritually. When you create order on the outside, it reflects in the inside, bringing you a feeling of relief and peace. (Plus, you get a wonderful warm glow from helping others!) That open space in you is a door for great new opportunities in your life.

And to complete the process, find at least 10 to 20 minutes a day to sit by yourself, close your eyes and breathe, let your mind rest, let your thoughts pass through, and keep breathing. AHHH! That’s what they call meditation. There are various techniques, and this is a very simple one. Pick any kind that works for you – mantra or no mantra – as long as you do your best to find that time to sit down and breathe.
So in the spring or fall or whenever is the best time of the year for you, just try cleansing. Go for it! You won’t believe the amazing benefits you’ll experience – not only as a body, but as a whole human being.

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To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

So you’ve finished your physical cleansing. Your body is clean and free of toxins, and you’re ready to make a fresh new start. But what about your mind and your soul?