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Summer's coming! Want to know how you can get in shape and feel healthier as the weather gets warmer? It's simpler than you might think - and it's never a bad idea to look and feel your best as bathing suit weather approaches. Here are the four "pillars" that hold up a balanced diet, and support you solidly on your journey to better health this summer.

Which fish are safe, ethically harvested and sustainable? Which ones have the lowest levels of industrial contaminants like mercury and PCBs? Which ones are famed by local fishermen? Which fish should you be eating, and which ones should you stay away from? Here’s the breakdown.

The lenses in your eyes are an amazing invention. They focus reflected light onto your retina, turning the light into nervous system signals, which your brain then translates into images. You could say your lenses are windows that let pictures into your brain.

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Here comes the sun! As the weather warms up, you’ll want to look as hot as you feel. And that starts with getting fit and healthy. So take a look at these 5 quick tips that will get you revved up and slimmed down for summer.

New Study Finds Sugar Is An Addictive Drug

In a new study from Connecticut College, a professor of neuroscience and a student team found that Oreo cookies were just as addictive as cocaine for lab rats.

To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

So you’ve finished your physical cleansing. Your body is clean and free of toxins, and you’re ready to make a fresh new start. But what about your mind and your soul?